Meshulachim with current teudahs (certificates) from the Seattle Va’ad:

2017 Color of Teudah (certificate): TAN

R’ Avraham Swed
Rabbi Chaim Menachem Yashua
The Seattle Va’ad DOES NOT Provide Donors Addresses or Phone Numbers to Meshulachim.


1. Q:  What information does the Seattle Va’ad  give to meshulachim?

A: The Seattle Va’ad will provide information regarding kosher establishments, synagogues in the area, and guidelines for meshulachim but DOES NOT provide addresses or private information of donors to meshulachim.  The Seattle Va’ad will not even provide a work address.

2. Q: What happens when I call the Va’ad office and ask to be removed from the list?

A: The Seattle Va’ad works with a driver who will drive meshulachim around (if they do not have a car) while visiting.  When someone calls to request to be taken off the list their information is passed to the driver to have their name removed. Please note that if meshulachim are driving themselves, they are working off of their own list and may visit donors who may have requested to be taken off the list.

3. Q: How does a meshulach obtain lists for soliciting?

A: There are many ways in which a meshulach obtains information and addresses for soliciting.  The most preferable method is by driving with a Seattle Va’ad driver who keeps track of their own list including removing names of addresses that have requested no visitors.

In some cases, meshulachim keep track of information on their own, and when they return to Seattle the following year, choose to drive themselves with a list they created.  In other cases, meshulachim purchase lists created from outside sources before arriving to Seattle.  The Seattle Va’ad does not prefer this method of information being obtained and has recovered one such list for our records.  If you are concerned your information may be contained on this recovered list please contact Avital at the Va’ad office at 206-760-0805. Please note, that the information contained on this list is of only ONE such list in existence and the Va’ad believes more lists are circulating, but cannot control such lists from being generated or distributed.

4. Q: What question should I always ask a meshulach?

A: ALWAYS ask to see a teudah (certificate).

5.  Q: What if a meshulach is collecting for two things?

A: Meshulachim are only allowed to collect for ONE thing (either personal or institution) once a year.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Va’ad office at 206-760-0805.

6. Q: What should I do if I have a bad experience with a meshulach?

A: It is very important to contact the Va’ad office at or 206-760-0805 following any concerning experience with a meshulach.  Depending on the situation, the Seattle Va’ad will either warn the meshulach of the complaint and remind him/her of the meshulach guidelines.  In some cases, the Seattle Va’ad has revoked the teudah (certificate) or refused to make a teudah (certificate) for future visits.  The Seattle Va’ad records and tracks any complaints, but can only do so if reported.

The most helpful information to include when reporting a bad experience with a meshulach is their name and teudah certificate number.

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