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South Seattle – There are no kosher restaurants or hotels in the eruv,

but wonderful hospitality coordinators may arrange hospitality for Shabbat and holidays.

Bikur Cholim-Machzikay HadathSephardic Bikur HolimEzra BessarothMinyan Ohr Chadash Ashreichem Yisrael
Bracha SwigardContact SBH for hospitalityContact EB for hospitalityContact Ruth Aaronson Rabbi Shmuel Brody 206-397-2671 or

North Seattle

North Seattle/University DistrictBellevue/Redmond/Microsoft Main Campus
There are several hotels, but none have kosher restaurantsNo hotels are near kosher restaurants or shuls
Contact Chabad House at 206-527-1411Contact Rabbi Farkash at (425) 957-7860 for hospitality arrangements.

Central Seattle/Downtown

Capitol Hill Minyan
There are numerous hotels, please visit:
Call: 206-659-SHUL (7485) or Email: for assistance.


Mercer IslandWest Seattle
There are kosher restaurants and shopping, but no hotels inside the eruvThere are no kosher restaurants or hotels.
Island Synagogue-Shevet Achim is known for being a warm, welcoming community. Please allow us to fulfill the mitzvah of welcoming guests.  Accommodations and meals can be arranged for singles, couples and families by contacting hospitality@shevetachim.comContact Rabbi David at the Seattle Kollel 206-722-8289

Orthodox Jewish Day Schools

mmscTDS WITH namesha design
Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder

Private Jewish day school, serving Jewish children from toddlers through grade 8. Girls high school.

Torah Day School of Seattle

Torah Day School of Seattle is an exemplary Jewish Orthodox pre-K through 8th grade educational institution

Seattle Hebrew Academy

The Seattle Hebrew Academy offers a warm learning environment where collaboration is the fabric of each day.

Orthodox Jewish High Schools

NYHSJewish High
nyhsjewish high
Northwest Yeshiva High School

NYHS is fully accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Jewish High

Jewish High is an accredited Hebrew School for Jewish teens

Orthodox Synagogues – South Seattle (Seward Park)

SBHBCMHEBMinyan Ohr Chadash Ashreichem YisraelK’hal Ateres Zekainim
sbhbcmhebMINYAN OHR CHADASH LOGOvaadlogokehilla1 K'hal Eteres Zekainim
Sepharic Bikur Holim


Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath

(Ashkenazic) Also offers Capitol Hill Minyan

Ezra Bessaroth


Minyan Ohr Chadash

(Modern Orthodox)

Kehillas Ashreichem Yisrael (The Kehilla)K’hal Ateres Zekainim (Kline Galland)

Orthodox Synagogues – North Seattle

Chabad of SeattleCSTLETC
chabad of pnwcstletc
Chabad Lubavitch of the Pacific Northwest

(Lubavitch Chassidic)

Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch

(Lubavitch Chassidic)

Eastside Torah Center

(Lubavitch Chassidic)

Orthodox Synagagues – Other

Mercer IslandWest SeattleCentral Seattle/Downtown
shevet achimalkai beach7-29 capitol hill minyan
Island Synagogue-Shevet AchimWest Seattle Torah Learning Center

part of Seattle Kollel (Sefard)

Capitol Hill Minyan


  • Brit Milah

The ceremony of the brit (ritual circumcision) represents the covenant between God and Abraham and is mandated in Genesis 17:10-14. The brit takes place during daylight hours on the eighth day after birth, although it may fall on Shabbat or even Yom Kippur. Postponement is permissible on the grounds of the infant’s health. If delayed beyond the eighth day, the brit is not rescheduled for Shabbat or another holiday. The brit should be performed by a mohel: an observant Jew specially trained to perform circumcisions. The baby is given his Hebrew name at the brit.

Local Mohelim:

Rabbi Simon BenzaquenDr. Ze’ev Young

  • Funeral and Burial Services

The Jewish traditions related to death and mourning are intended to recognize death as a part of life. Burial takes place as soon after death as possible. Traditional caskets are of plain wood. Embalming, viewing, and cremation are not permitted and flowers are discouraged.

Your Rabbi should be consulted for specific questions about burial and mourning practices, such as the observance of shiva, recitation of the Kaddish, observing a yahrzeit, and attending yizkor services.

Seattle Jewish ChapelBikur Cholim CemeteryMachzikay Hadath CemeterySeattle Sephardic Brotherhood Cemetery
5145 S. Morgan ST

Seattle, WA 98118

1340 N. 115th St.

Seattle, WA  98133

1214 N. 167th St.

Seattle, WA 98133

1230 N. 167th St.

Shoreline, WA 98133

206-721-0970 or


206-725-3067 or


206-725-3067 or


206-723-3028 or

206-722-5500, 206-232-7302

  • Mikvah

[For more information about mikvah in general, articles, lists of books, & other resources, please visit]

There are three mikvah locations in Seattle: Seattle Mikvah(BCMH) in Seward Park, Mikvah Yisrael Mei Menachem (CSTL) in the North End, & Mikvah Mei Menachem in Bellevue. Please see below for detailed info and contact numbers for each.

The Seattle MikvahMikvah Yisroel Mei MenachemMikveh Mei Menachem 
located at Congregation Bikur Cholim Machzikei Hadath

5145 S. Morgan Street (across the parking lot from the main building)

Seattle, WA 98118

located at Congregation Shaarei Tefilah-Lubavitch

6250 43rd Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115

1600 151st Ave NE

Bellevue, WA 98007

Entrance is on the SOUTH (Right) side of the house

Appointment Line: 206-721-0970 – then Press 1Women’s Mikvah Appointment Line: 206-522-1105Phone: 425-562-7960

The mikvah is an important family resource for the entire community.
The mikvah is used to complete the conversion process, by a bride before her wedding, by women in their childbearing years, for immersing certain new cooking utensils, and by individuals seeking a sense of spiritual renewal. This profound ritual has the potential to touch something deep in the core of the Jewish soul. Classes on the meaning and use of the mikvah are available by calling and leaving a message on the appointment line.

The Mikvah is available for use by women each evening after nightfall, by
appointment only. Women are asked to please make an appointment at least 24
hours in advance and 36 hours in advance of Shabbat or Yom Tov. Please call to confirm fees.

Daytime arrangements for men to use the Mikvah
may be made with the office and all men are asked to make a donation.

Membership for both men and women are available.

There are different rates for brides and conversions. Brides
are asked to call the Mikvah line in advance to arrange an appointment. The
Mikvah is used by Seattle area rabbis for conversions, who make these

There is a separate keilim mikvah located northern exterior side
the Seattle Mikvah building, which may be used during daylight hours only, to immerse new
cooking utensils.

  • Eruv

What is an Eruv? An eruv is a system of fences, poles, and wires which surround a neighborhood. it allows Observant Jews to carry items from private to public areas on the Sabbath.

There are currently three eruvim in the Greater Seattle area:

North Seattle Eruv
Seward Park Eruv
Shevet Achim/Mercer Island Eruv

Map of North Seattle Eruv:

View larger map


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