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Grace Harbor Farms

Kosher Certificate Dairy

2347 Birch Bay Lynden Road

Custer WA 98240

(360) 820-4195

Type of Company: Dairy Farm


Organic Teas United – Brand: Washington’s Finest Tea


Kosher Certificate Parve

Organic Teas United, LLC

2540 Tacoma Ave S Unit B

Tacoma, WA 98402





Affordable Kosher

Kosher Certificate

Quality Kosher Food Delivered Right to Your Door

Nosh Away Inc. founded Affordable Kosher as an online retailer dedicated to providing high quality kosher groceries at reasonable prices. In the past Nosh Away struggled to find quality products that were affordable and available on the West Coast for our catering services. After more than ten years, Nosh Away has built great relationships with some of the worlds best kosher purveyors. We decided to bring these great prices to the general public. Affordable Kosher operates as an independent grocery delivery business. We’ve created a new web site to showcase our fantastic products and make your buying experience easy.

All of us here at Affordable Kosher have adopted the same spirit of service, quality, value and innovation that you have come to expect from Nosh Away. We are working hard every day to exceed your expectations. Your feedback on our service is welcome, and greatly appreciated.

Leah’s Catering

(Event Catering Only)


Our mission at Leah’s Catering is to craft a premier event experience that meets our client’s goals and budgets, exceeds their expectations, and provides their guests with a lasting, positive memory.


Leah’s Catering is a full service catering company which has been serving the local Jewish community since 1997. We offer gourmet kosher catering for your most important events. Enjoy flavors from around the world that are skillfully handcrafted and beautifully presented.


Your life cycle and social events require close attention to detail, delicious fresh cuisine, and the kind of caring, expert service Leah’s professional staff is known to provide. As a boutique catering business, Leah’s Catering executes each event with seamless focus.